Safeguarding Children - Level 2 v2


This Safeguarding Children (Level 2) course bundle is intended for everyone who makes or who could potentially make onward safeguarding referrals to the Police and Children’s Social Care.


Duration: 02 hours

This course contains the following modules:

Module name Type Duration
Responding to a Disclosure – How to ask Questions Online 00:30:00
Referring Safeguarding Concerns Online 00:20:00
Recognising and avoiding dangerous safeguarding practice Online 00:30:00
Chronologies Online 00:30:00




This course will enable you to:

  • Learn about the types of questions that can be asked, should be asked, and should be avoided
  • Know what to consider before referring a safeguarding concern
  • Know what information you should provide to Children’s Social Care and the questions you should ask
  • Know what you and Children’s Social Care should do following a referral
  • Know who should use the Framework for the Assessment of Children and their families and why
  • Know what is required to assess children’s needs
  • Understand the ‘Domains’ and ‘Dimensions’ of the Framework
  • Understand the importance of keeping an up to date chronology
  • Learn how to record chronologies
  • Know the purpose of a Strategy Discussion
  • Know the purpose of Section 47 Enquiries
  • Learn about the possible outcomes of Section 47 Enquiries
  • Learn about Initial Child Protection Conferences


Here a few of the topics covered in this course:

Acceptable closed questions | Open questions for young children | Avoid “why” | TED questions | Tell me questions | Leading questions | Limiting questions | Referral pathways | Information review | Seek advice? | Gather evidence? | Seeing the child? | Inform the child? | Inform the parents? | Information gathering | Before referral | Framework for assessments | Taking a referral | Referral outcomes | Partnership | Referral decision | Identifying risks | What is a chronology? | Purpose of a chronology? | Recording a chronology | Significant events | Professional judgement | Positive factors | Involving the family | How to use a chronology | Who should use an assessment framework? | Dimensions and domains | Child development | Assessing developmental needs | Assessing parenting capacity | Caregivers and the dimensions of parenting capacity | Family and environmental factors | Multiple caregivers | Safeguarding and child protection | Strategy discussion | Strategy discussion outcomes | Initiating section 47 enquiries | Court orders | Outcome of section 47 | Initial child protection conference | The conference outcome | Outline child protection plan | Core group membership | Core group meetings | Arrange first child protection review conference | Child protection review conference | Discontinuing the child protection plan | Summary of child protection workflow

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